My personal story:

I’m Katie Meyer and I subscribe to a care philosophy rooted in the WHO definition of health which states that health is “…a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (WHO, 1948)

As a classic Pitta/Vata constitution, I have a strong desire to achieve (okay, overachieve) at all costs but after years in the corporate world, that nagging anxiety death-spiral became ever more loud and omnipresent.  I began having panic attacks, my relationships were suffering, and I knew I wasn’t performing to the best of my potential.

Something had to change.

Never being one who wanted to waste time, I wanted to find the root cause of my anxiety.  I was introduced to Ayurveda and experienced nothing less than a full transformation.

I gave myself permission to rest and not say ‘YES’ to everything…only what was important and nurturing to me on a deep level.  I began to see my body as sacred and started to fuel it with foods that were perfect for me.  And I was able to cultivate a deep sense of joy that had never been there before.  Oh, and my acne went away. <3

Given this transformation, I felt a calling and heeded it!  I decided to go back to school and become an Ayurvedic Health Coach so I could help others out of their own chronic anxiety and burn-out so they too could perform at the highest level possible without sacrificing themselves in the process.

My approach is one of complementary medicine and I believe in finding the right tool for the right situation.  I approach each client with compassion, love, and a deep rooted belief that they CAN heal.  They just need the right tools.

Professional Qualifications

* Gurukula, Ayurvdic Institute, Pune India

* Level 3 Tibetan Tantric Practitioner, Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist lineage (Certified by Devi Ward + Lama Tashi Dundrop)

* 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training, Seattle Yoga Arts

* Ayurvedic Health Coach Certification, Kerala Ayurveda Academy

* Master of Health Administration, Ohio University

* Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Studies, University of Washington

Continued education through Bastyr University, University of Washington, Kerela Ayurveda Academy, and the Ayurvedic Intitute.