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Happy Summer! Now, chill out.

Happy Summer to you and yours!   At least, I think it’s summer here in the Norther hemisphere?  Where I live, it’s been cold enough to merit fuzzy socks and flannel pajamas at night but I keep hoping that we get some warm weather here soon.  Although, who am I kidding?  As a predominantly Pitta person, I live for brisk chill days…the heat makes me crazy!

If you’re like me and need some relief from hot summer months, I’ve got some good information and recommendations for you here!   Grab yourself a cool drink and settle in…

Q: What is Pitta and why does it get (h)angry in the summer time?

A: Pitta is one of the three doshas (basic constitutions) and is made up of fire and water.  It’s responsible for transformation.  Think of it as the spark that lights the fire.  The catalyst.  It’s also responsible for digestion and the seat of Pitta is in the stomach.  

So, why do Pitta-predominant folks tend to (kinda) dread summer?  Well, we don’t need any help in the fire department.  We’re spicy enough on our own! 🙂  So, in order to have a cool, calm, chill summer, we need to keep our Pitta fire in check.  Give it something to gnaw on so it doesn’t take over in the form of acid reflux, angry outbursts (emotionally), skin rashes, etc.  

My personal recommendations:

  • If you’ve wanted to try a raw food diet (or incorporate more raw foods into your existing diet), summer is the perfect time to do that.  Just be careful.  Sometimes, raw food can cause indigestion because you’re not pre-digesting the food by cooking it.  But if you’ve got strong Pitta and great local produce, go raw!  So much easier to do in the summer than in the winter.
  • Switch up your moisturizer and just use coconut oil.  Coconut oil is great for summer months and Pitta-predominant folks because it’s lighter than the traditional moisturizers used in Ayurveda (like sesame or jojoba oil).  Add some lavender essential oil for a delightful pre-sleepy time moisturizer or a citrus essential oil for morning pep.
  • Nadi Shodhana:  Ok, I’m cheating here.  This breathing exercise is good any time of year but if you find yourself being more impatient in the summer heat, your Pitta likely needs some help chilling out.  Nadi Shodhana will do that right quick!  Learn how HERE.

Other resources:

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Happy Summer! <3

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Beware the B*#@S*%&: Essential Questions When Looking For A Holistic Health Provider

[Sunday Rant!]

A client of mine has been suffering from vertigo, anxiety, and a whole host of other things for years and has seen ‘doctor’ after ‘doctor’ with no results.

(I’m guiding her through my methods of mindfulness-based stress reduction but I feel it’s important for her to have someone local she can meet with regularly)

I finally said ‘Ok, who are these people? I want to research them!’ and found that they were all quacks! Seriously, one guy said he could cure cancer with his own ‘proprietary blend of microbiome enhancing supplements’ Oh, he also had a skin care line.

No. Just no.

It is EXTREMELY important to know how to navigate the alternative medicine world and learn how to spot the BS early and often.


There are people out there who will prey on your desperation to feel better. They’ll say all the right things but when you get down to the nitty gritty, their methods are flimsy (at best) or dangerous (at worst).

What really bites me though are people who’ve actually gone to medical school but then switch to ‘alternative health’ and use the social proof of their medical degree (although their license may have lapsed) to manipulate people into buying their junk.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m all about alternative medicine. I think our western medical mindset can often miss the connections between symptoms and it’s important to find a practitioner you trust to help you interpret data and offer more natural therapies.

But you need to know how to spot the snake oil.

So as I’ve been looking for practitioners in my client’s area, these are the questions I’m asking:

1. Are they board-certified and if yes, by whom? If offering lineage-based teachings (like spiritual-based meditation), who is their teacher and what is their lineage? An ethical practitioner will be happy to tell you all about their mentors and lineage.

2. Do they have any peer-reviewed articles published? If yes, are they linked? If they link to research, is it solid research that’s peer-reviewed (instead of self-published)?

3. Are they enthusiastic about a collaborative care model? It’s a red flag when a practitioner (of any kind!) is unwilling to collaborate with others to help you feel better. ‘My way or the highway’ does not a happy healthy person make.

4. What does your gut tell you?

That last one is really important. Listen to your gut.

Does it seem weird that this person is listed as a cardiologist but he’s selling vitamins and skin care and telling you he can cure cancer? (seriously, that’s what this guy had on his website)

Do they make wild promises that seem too good to be true?

Will they have a quick phone consult with you to ensure they’re the right fit for you?

And more.

Step into your power place. Let got of ‘being nice’ and don’t stay silent because you are ‘afraid of hurting someone’s feelings’. Ask questions and get more information.

We are our own best health advocates and it’s super important that we build the RIGHT team around us to support our wellness.


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Taking My Own Advice

Hi everyone!

I hope this summer has brought you lots of sunshine, popsicles, and barefoot picnics.

There are some big changes happening around here at Katie Meyer Ayurveda HQ and I wanted to take a moment to reflect and share what’s been going on and how I’ve had the opportunity to remember to take my own Ayurvedic advice.

The biggest change is that I’m moving away from one-off appointments in favor of a 6-week program commitment. The reasons for this are many-fold but the biggest reason is that changes take time and it doesn’t matter how many pieces of advice I give you in an appointment…if there isn’t follow up and commitment, it is REALLY difficult for clients to experience the full benefits of Ayurveda.

To that end, I’ve spent the past two months designing a 6-week program and I am 100% positive it will get you out of burnout & adrenal fatigue…if you put in the work! Why burnout & adrenal fatigue? Every. Single. Client has reported symptoms of burnout and adrenal fatigue so I knew I had to start there and a 6-week program gives us a good chunk of time to slowly but surely introduce and integrate Ayurvedic wisdom into your daily routine. Slow and steady wins the race, right? (or, in this case: banishes the burnout)

The program is called The 5-Step Formula for Banishing Burnout & Adrenal Fatigue Naturally (without quitting your job) and is specifically aimed at busy professionals with demanding jobs and home responsibilities that just won’t quit. It’s the formula that I used to ELIMINATE my own burnout and I’ve worked with western doctors, my Ayurvedic mentors, nutrition coaches, and more to make sure this program is effective and something my clients can stick to.

As I write this, the butterflies are flying around in my belly because I’m about to launch this program to the world via a live Masterclass tonight @ 7pm PST. You guys, I have poured so much heart, soul, love, and a few tears designing this program, building my slide deck, and diving deeper in APIs, Facebook pixels, and CSS than I ever thought I’d need to.

And that’s when I realized I needed to pause and chill. Take my own advice. Practice my own burnout busting tips and take a moment to recognize what’s about to happen.

So, with that, I’m going to take a nap (!!), have a light dinner, meditate, and then do some jumping jacks to prep for the Masterclass! Hope to see you there!

Register for tonight’s Masterclass HERE.