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My Favorite Products for Supporting an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Happy Day-After-Solstice!

It doesn’t feel like it here in Seattle, but we are now officially in the Pitta season of the year.  Long days, high temperatures, sun dresses, and an abundance of fresh produce!  Admittedly, I’m more a fan of fall (Vata season) but I’ve made my peace with summer and that shining orb in the sky (although I always wear sunscreen and hide under shade trees!).

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about what products I recommend to support an Ayurvedic lifestyle on a daily basis so I thought I’d compile a list of objects and places that have helped and encouraged me to stay in touch with my Ayurvedic goals.  I am not sponsored by any of these companies…I just really like them! 🙂

I hope you enjoy!

  1. 100% Pure Maracuja Mascara in Dark Chocolate

100% pure

OMG this mascara is amazing.  It’s cruelty-free and made with only natural ingredients…including chocolate!  Seriously, it smells like chocolate.  Plus, the packaging is a beautiful rose gold color and feels really luxe in your hand.  Sure, it’s not specifically related to Ayurveda but I enjoy makeup and beauty so finding a good mascara was a must for me!

  1. Banyan Botanicals: Daily Swish (Mint Flavor)

Daily Swish

I love Banyan Botanicals as a company and highly recommend their Ayurvedic resources and products.  They know what they’re doing!  This product is specifically for oil pulling (which I’m sure I’ll write about in a later post) and works really well.  Plus, it’s minty!  

  1.  Banyan Botanicals: Kapha Digest

Kapha Digest

I’m a believer in Banyan’s supplements and, for me, Kapha Digest is where it’s at.  I have a Kapha body and a Pitta mind and my personal struggle is burning up ama.  This supplement is a powerhouse of pungent herbs (pippali, ginger, and black pepper) that helps me balance out my Kapha and keep me on track.  

(Note: please don’t take any supplements simply because you read it here.  Make an appointment with me and we’ll make sure you’re being directed towards the right ones for you)

  1. Herb Stop Monthly Subscription Box

Herb Stop

Ok, I have a thing for subscription boxes.  They’re like presents that come every month!  This one from Herb Stop is a new favorite of mine.  Every month, they send you three essential oils plus an oil blend (usually in a roller ball).  Also included are DETAILED (like, really detailed) descriptions of the oils, how they can be used, recipe suggestions, and more.  The oils are 100% pure, ethically sourced, and cruelty free.  Give them a shot!

  1. World Spice Merchants

World Spice

I have been coming here for YEARS.  It’s basically my version of heaven.  You walk into the beautiful shop and are immediately hit with the delicious scent of herbs and spices.  Then you open your eyes and see that there are HUNDREDS of spices for you to choose from.  Plus, they have a reading room filled with thoughtfully curated cooking resources.  If you’re lucky enough to live close to Seattle, check out the shop.  For those outside our fair city, you can order spices online.  

And now for some Seattle-specific resources:

The Vajra


This is a Seattle institution and has been around for over 20 years.  So many treasures to found here including incense, essential oil blends, tarot, art work, jewelry, and more.  Plus, the staff are really friendly and will totally point you in the right direction for whatever you’re seeking.

Seattle Yoga Arts


This studio’s slogan is: Body Nourishing, Soul Satisfying, Sanity Supporting Yoga and wow, they are not kidding.  I am currently in their 200 hour teacher training program and have reaped immense benefits.  Check out their classes if you want a break from the world and want to learn not just asana but how to look inward.

So, that’s it for now!  I hope your find these resources helpful.  What are a few of YOUR favorite things?

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