Truth Bomb: You can’t get the life you want until you heal the trauma you hold.  

Trauma impacts all of us and I describe it as emotional scar tissue.  The scar tissue serves a purpose but, eventually, we need to heal the trauma, remove the scar tissue, and take our life back.  If we don’t, we find ourselves burned out, sick, emotionally exhausted, and flailing in all areas of our lives.

I developed the Worn-Out to Warrior Method for one simple reason:

My clients were done with guilt, shame, and living in the past.  They needed real-life right-now skills to help them heal and claim the life they knew was theirs to design. 

The Worn-Out to Warrior Method is rooted in Ayurveda + Tantra and all about:

  • Healing trauma.  Sexual, emotional, and everything else. 
  • Finding your sweet spot.  You know that feeling when everything’s going you’re way and you’re feeling sassy and on top of the world?  Yeah, that. 🙂
  • Getting real about why you’re constantly burned out…and then addressing the root cause.  
  • Replacing old destructive habits with nourishing soul-satisfying practices that get you closer to living the life you dreamed about.
  • Blending ancient wisdom with evidence-based Western breakthroughs. 

I believe in sustainable life changes.  But you’ve got to put in the work and be brave enough to take that first step. 

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