Are you stressed, exhausted, and emotionally-burned out? You’re not alone and, if you’re anything like I was, you’re frustrated because you’ve done everything ‘right’ (aka: the way the world told you to).

I developed the Worn-Out to Warrior method for two reasons:

  1. I was tired of feeling guilty for wanting to ‘do it all’ both professionally and in my personal life.  I was done punishing myself for having ambition.
  2. I wanted a set of protocols that would nourish me while I reached for my goals…not dogma that told me I should retreat to a yoga spa and meditate 24 hours a day.  

Worn-Out to Warrior is all about:

  • Finding your sweet spot.  You know that feeling when everything’s going you’re way and you’re feeling sassy and on top of the world?  Yeah, that. 🙂
  • Getting real about why you’re constantly burned out…and then addressing the root cause.  
  • Replacing old destructive habits with nourishing soul-satisfying practices that keep you performing at your best both in the Board Room and at home. 
  • Blending ancient wisdom with evidence-based Western breakthroughs. 

I believe in sustainable life changes.  But you’ve got to put in the work and be brave enough to take that first step. 

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