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Yes…and. Thoughts on Strength and Softness.

Ok, confession time: I haven’t been to my community yoga studio in a few months.  Here are some excuses:

  1. Work has been nuts.  As a corporate warrior, there are times when that needs to take up more of my time and brain space.  In those times, I up my self-care, am extra nice to my husband (and let him take the lion’s share home responsibilities), and repeat to myself ‘This is not forever’.  
  2. Speaking of husband…I GOT MARRIED!  We got married a little under 2 weeks ago and while the wedding was wonderful, it felt like another full time job in the weeks leading up to the event.  
  3. I chose sleep over yoga.  Just keeping it real. 

But with the work and wedding insanity behind me, my body was like ‘Ok, get thee to the studio post haste!’  I’d kept up with my personal at-home practice but there’s something special about practicing in community.  ‘Sangha’ in Sanskrit.  

So as I twisted and turned and listened to the teacher’s voice, her words really struck me:

There’s a dance between strength and softness.  

To feel this in your body, try to balance on one foot.  If you’re too rigid, you’ll fall over.  If you’re too loose, you’ll fall over.  To have balance, you must find the perfect ratio between strength and softness. 

Think about this in terms of meditation as well:  If you try REALLY HARD to focus, you’ll end up getting frustrated and give up.  If you’re too loose, you’ll fall asleep.  (which, hey, sometimes you need that but meditation isn’t necessarily the right time or place!)

All that is to say: balance is key.

Sometimes you need to be super rigid and strong (mentally, physically, etc.).  Conversely, sometimes you need to be extra soft (like if you’re recovering from illness).  But neither state is sustainable in the long term.  

How do you handle your unique and dynamic balance between soft and strong?  

PS: If you’re in the Seattle area and are looking for a fabulous yoga studio, Seattle Yoga Arts is where it’s at.  Highly recommend. 

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